Lazy Sunday Photo- Ganges at Rishikesh

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I recently spent some time at Rishikesh. It was a college trip and three faculty members were there. We would often go out for a walk. There was a bridge close to our camp. The troble was that it had wire meshes all over. So even though I would get good elevation I could not put the SLR lens through the wire. There was a gap in the fence but it was on the side that was facing the sun. Whereas all the good light was on the other side. My colleague and I wanted to cut a hole in the wires to put our cameras through!

Ganga at Rishikesh

Ganga at Rishikesh

Then I decided to put my cell phone lens in the gap and click a picture. How I would love to get a wider angle but that was all that I could capture. And by the time I could figure out that it was morning light that the banks caught, my trip was over. In the evening the sun goes behind the hills when it is still high in the sky and I never found any light on the banks. And it is so much easier to be out there in the evening rather than to rise with the sun!

I also feel sometimes that the advice coming from hard core photographers has to be modified for people who travel for other purposes and manage to take pictures in between.


But Rishikesh is close by and I am surely going to return one day!

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8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- Ganges at Rishikesh

    1. Mridula Post author

      Shalu thank you. That is because it is still in the hills! It widens considerably at Haridwar itself!


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