Finding Air Tickets for Sri Lanka

I recently became interested in exploring trips to nearby Asian countries. The first thing I look at is getting easy visa or visa on arrival. I tried to go to Hong Kong but that trip didn’t come through. The next country on my mind was Sri Lanka. It is nearby, it is almost as expensive (or maybe a little less) as visiting Andaman Islands or Kerala. And it has beautiful beaches.

So my search for booking the air tickets started. I usually search a few portals to give me an idea of the range. I realized that you can fly very cheap to Sri Lanka if you are flying from Chennai but thank you we still prefer living closer to the Indian Himalayas. My usual experience is that I find cheaper air tickets on the airline portal rather than on search engine sites.

My other pet theory is that I get tickets cheaper if I am willing to take a indirect flight. Direct flights seem to be more expensive. There came a twist in the tale when my younger nephew told me that he also wants to come to Sri Lanka with me. Now that I had a trusted travel companion I was more enthusiastic for the trip.

In Search of Cheap Flights!

In Search of Cheap Flights!

Currently to travel to Sri Lanka you are advised to apply online for ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). The current fee for the members of the SAARC nation is $15. This initially felt a little complicated but was not really so. But before applying I decided to do the air tickets.

And this time one of my theories was proved wrong, I got the lowest airfare on Makemytrip. It is a Delhi-Chennai-Colombo flight with 5 hour and 4 hour layover at Chennai but both my nephew and I are happy travelers. Better to be sitting inside an airport than stuck in traffic is our motto!

So folks next month I am headed to Sri Lanka barring something unusual. My nephew and I got our ETA clearance in less than 24 hours. I was actually using my credit card and I applied for him on the third party option and mine as individual. It worked like a charm in both the cases!

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9 thoughts on “Finding Air Tickets for Sri Lanka”

  1. we hv been to sriLanka some 1.5 years ago… N ho its definetelky cheaper than holidaying in India!

    Let me know if u need some travel agent who will do the booking(hotel – car) for u …..

  2. wow..Great..I wanted to go to Island soon.

    So lucky that you got lowest airfare…Btw have you decided about hotels and all ?

    Looking for your next post regarding this…Thanks 🙂


  3. What an eerie coincidence! Just yesterday, I and my sister were discussing that Sri Lanka is a great tourist destination, Only their civil war has marred opportunities there.

    I am looking forward to your experience there, you got me hooked!

  4. I’d been to Srilanka a couple of years back. It was one awesome trip. It was way cheaper than my Lakshadweep and Andaman trips. It feels very much like Kerala, especially the country side. We covered entire south west Srilanka, starting from Colombo and moving on to Kandy, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna, Galle and then back to Colombo. The turtle conservatory, mask museum, Galle beach etc., are all must see on this very very scenic stretch. In this season, you can also scuba dive and snorkel at Unawatuna, which was once featured in one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Asia list.

  5. Meena thank you by the time I saw your comment I had already done the bookings.

    Shrinidhi it is a short trip 4 night 5 days. I am planning only to visit Galle and Unawatuna.

    Sathya have done every booking online. Will update once I get back as well!

    Meenakshi let us see how it goes 😀

    Sonia the trip happens only later in April. I can’t wait.

    Thank you Vishal 😀

    Shalu we shall see about safety.

    Malini I am visiting only Galle and Unawatuna. Let us see how it goes.


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