Lazy Sunday Photo- Colors from Dilli Haat

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We visited Dilli Haat today for a few hours. I always like that place it is such a riot of colors. And the weather was still quite bearable, though it is getting hotter by every passing day.

Colorful Bangles

Colorful Bangles

Photography with my daughter is not that easy but she is growing up every day and is quite used to the idea that I will click pictures all over the place.

Colorful Hangings

Colorful Hangings

I like Dilli Haat for its food as well, the sabudana vada is quite tasty and kulfi is a must every time I go there!

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14 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- Colors from Dilli Haat

  1. Mridula Post author

    Shalu do let me know when you head this way.

    Arun check it out when you are in Delhi.

    Thank you Easwar.

    Janit I got Sabudana Vada from the Maharashtra stall!

    Anu thank you. Sabudana vada is my favorite.

    Thank you Vishal.

    Thank you Ajeeth.

    Thank you Debopam.

    Thank you Meenakshi.

    Indian Homemaker it is indeed a nice place.

    Thank you Niranjan.

    Defiant Princess do go and shop more!

    Trick and Treat thank you.


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