Scratching my Head Thinking What to Write?

By Mridula Dwivedi February 26, 2013 9 Comments

I admit it rarely happens to me that I don’t know what am I going to write on a particular day. But today is one such day when I started many drafts and gave up on everything!

Goa Beaches

Walking from Calangute to Baga Beach at Sunset, Goa, India

First I thought I was going to write about my love for walking. Every trip I take, I make sure I get to walk. Even when I was at Goa I walked from Calangute beach to Baga beach. If you would ask me why do I love walking I do not have a clear answer other than that I like it. I actually pay money to walk (from morning to evening) with a guide on all my treks so I must be really liking it.

The only other reason I can think of is that while walking I can stop and photograph anything I want whereas when I am inside a moving vehicle I have thought so many times, “if we could stop it was such a nice scene!”

But this cannot be the real reason because I have been walking on my vacations much before I started taking photography seriously.

But then I gave up on this topic too.

Interiors of the St. Giles Church, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

St. Giles Chruch, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Next I thought I would write how not to do Edinburgh. I did Edinburgh as a day trip from Lancaster in 2011. There is a place called the Royal Mile at Edinburgh which will take more than a day to cover! I bought a hop on hop off bus ticket and then after two attractions I gave up and decided to walk. It was also the day of the royal wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall. So there was a lot of police in city. Many areas that are usually open to public were closed on that very particular day. The hop on hop off buses had changed their routes as well. By the evening I was so tired that when I boarded the train again for Lancaster I fell asleep while there was a sunset happening right next to my train window! Now why would anyone like to see Edinburgh like this? There are many other aspects of this trip that are a good lesson in avoiding what to do but I gave up on this as well after a while.

Then I thought I would write about traveling with a job but this one I gave up pretty soon. After all who would be interested in reading something this drab.

I also thought of listing and rating all my treks and this is something I may still do in a full post. It will also give me an opportunity to dig into pretty pictures again.

By now you may ask, “if you can’t find to write about anything why write? Just don’t write anything for a day.” But I have said this before and I am going to say it again, I find it difficult to go to sleep if I do not write a blog post daily!

So in the end I decided to write all my half baked thoughts and decided that this would have to do for today! If I do not get really nasty comments or ignored by all I may try to pull of this stunt sometime again in the  future!

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9 thoughts on “Scratching my Head Thinking What to Write?”

  1. What to write? I have a question.
    The question is: What exactly is required to become a successful travel writer and continuing it for years.
    1. money and passion to travel and write?
    2. Only passion no matter how much money is spend on travel?

  2. Thanks you so much Sushmita.

    Thank you Nilesh it is always good to see your comment, reassures me that you are still reading.

    Tushar but I do not have any answers. I would also say online a lot depends on SEO?

    Vishal 😀 I hope you do get more time.

    Meena I am blessed I have the best people reading my blog!

    Niranjan good to know that!

    Shalu many thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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