What to Shoot? What to Shoot?

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The cry about what to shoot is the result of the recent rummaging through the folders experience. I work full time so if I can travel once a month I consider myself lucky. But I blog almost everyday for past few years now. When once a month schedule goes awry I am left with rummaging folders of the past trips to find something interesting things to post.

And two things strike me.

Morecambe, Lancashire, UK

At Morecambe, Lancashire, UK

The first bit is that there are trips where I am hard pressed to find even a single picture of myself! On my trips I am usually not interested in getting my pictures clicked (hard treks are an exception to this). Usually I ask someone to take one customary shot just to keep myself in the frame at a new place. And the above picture is doubly rare in the sense that I am actually fooling around. I should do this a little more often.

The second thing I noticed is that I click the same scene 50 times in hope of a better picture. Overall I end up with 500 + pictures but only 15 of them on a different theme. So when I rummage the folders I do not find variety.

So this time I am going to click a lot of pictures on different themes. Here is a small list I can think of, please add to it.

  • Nature (but not the same shot 50 times)
  • Birds
  • Flowers
  • Food
  • People
  • Architecture
  • Curios
  • Patterns
  • Generic
  • Sign Boards
  • Flight related stuff
  • Colors

Well there I am, no wonder I run out of steam so quickly. I will end the post on a note to self- keep your eyes open and come back with a lot of pictures and a variety of pictures. Nature will remain first priority but there has to be more this time.

PS. The number of rants on this blog are directly proportional to the number of days since last travel.


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6 thoughts on “What to Shoot? What to Shoot?

  1. Shweta Bhardwaj

    Well said Mridula: ) this urge to shoot or probably to write something does come up when you don’t get time to do your own bit of travelling…I can so relate to it !
    and nice picture with beautiful background and not to mention, your fooling around makes the statue looks like a real person next to you :)
    I enjoyed reading some of your posts.

  2. Anuradha Shankar

    thats an interesting thought, Mridula… this is a prob i have been facing too… have too many pics of the same view :( have to consciously click varied scenes… which means i have to travel again 😀 maybe something will turn up this month!


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