The Travel Gods Might be Looking My Way Again

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You read my rant about all my trips getting cancelled. You read my yesterday’s post about nothing in particular! But finally it looks like that travel Gods are looking my way again.

Remember that cancelled Kashmir trip? Well I now have the tickets for Srinagar and an invitation from the Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa at Gulmarg.



When I first read the mail I was so happy I could have done cartwheels. It is another matter that I do not know how to do cartwheels! I wonder since when I became like this. I have liked traveling since long but I am getting more and more addicted to it! I get severe withdrawal symptoms now if I do not get out once a month.

My sincere hope is that the valley remains peaceful and that I do not end up writing another post about a cancelled trip. So fingers crossed, travel gods willing, in about 10 days time I should be writing new posts about a new place!

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14 thoughts on “The Travel Gods Might be Looking My Way Again

  1. Mridula Post author

    Thanks Shalu this trip once got cancelled though.

    Yes Meena thank you 😀

    Tushar so kind of you.

    Anu I hope I do go this time and the valley remains peaceful.

    Thanks Sayali, I hope you will travel more than me and soon 😀

    Thanks Niranjan.

    Thanks Vishal.

    Suhas I hope so.

    Ladyfi thank you and I hope that happens soon.

    Chitra good to see you here again.

    Arum thank you.


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