Sky Watch Friday- Sunset at Noida

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I love it when I can catch a colorful sunset right in the middle of the city. This was clicked from my sister’s home at Noida. Of course I am presenting the scene quite selectively here, I have not included the construction cranes and other such trappings of civilization.

Sunset at Noida

Sunset at Noida

The birds just crossed the frame while I was clicking and what a bonus it was! I was using my 75-300 mm lens at that time hence I got lucky with the birds!

Dawn at Noida

Dawn at Noida

And then the next day while I was waiting at the Metro station to start the long commute back to work I saw this pale dawn breaking! I am a big fan of sky watch Friday as before that I was also one of those people who can remain completely unaffected through the dramas that happen in the sky!

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. You need to check it out.

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19 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday- Sunset at Noida

  1. Jay

    Hi Mridula,

    Wow, the first click looks so surreal. You’ve captured it beautifully. You’re right, the birds are an awesome addition to the click and enhance its beauty.

    It’s good to hear that you shot the second one while waiting at the Metro station, just goes to show that good shots can be composed even while doing routine chores.

    Keep it up Mridula. :) :) :)


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  2. sylviakirk

    Such dramatic and beautiful skies!! Wonderful captures for the day, Mridula!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Suranga is so clever! The headers she comes up with never fail to amaze me! Glad you like them! Have a lovely weekend!!


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