The Rupees 2 Train Ride!

By Mridula Dwivedi February 2, 2013 10 Comments , , ,

In December I visited Palampur and the adjoining areas. One such stop was Baijnath temple. I went there by a local bus which covered the 15 kilometers or so in one and a half hours. It was a fun ride. The bus would stop at every turn to pick up or drop a passenger.

Baijnath Temple, Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh

Baijnath Temple, Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh

The temple was peaceful on the day I went there. Though photographing it was difficult as it has a boundary wall and a lot of light poles which completely destroy the pictures. After a short while I decided to head back to Palampur. As Baijnath is a small town I decided to have food at Palampur itself.

However while going back I was interested in boarding the narrow gauge toy train from Baijnath Paprola to Palampur. I asked about the directions and a furit vendor told me to take a bus from Baijnath up to Paprola as the railway station was there. I did as told and got down at Paprola which was just 2 km away. There once again I asked around for directions. I was told to climb down the stairs at the market and I would end up at the station itself.

Baijnath Paprola Railway Station

Baijnath Paprola Railway Station

After getting down the steps I reached the station and it was fun. Though I stood out like anything among the locals with my SLR, no one bothered me really. The day was cloudy which I did not like at all, it takes away so much from the view and pictures. When I inquired about the ticket they said it is available 20 minutes before the train time. So the ticket window would open only then.

A Peaceful Place for a Peaceful Conversation

A Peaceful Place for a Peaceful Conversation

After spending quite some time at the station including some at the lone tea shop, I realized that the ticket window was open. So I went there and stood in the queue. And I was so surprised to find that the ticket from Baijnath to Palampur was Rupees 2!

Fare List

Fare List

After buying the ticket I went to the tea shop again to get some pakori and chai. And then I settled down for the journey. There was a coach in the train that was for ladies only!

Pakori and Chai

Pakori and Chai

The journey was short and peaceful. I didn’t get much of a view because of the clouds. But I would always do this again even on a cloudy day, even when it would rain!

Palampur Railway Station, Himachal Pradesh

Palampur Railway Station, Himachal Pradesh

When I got down at Palampur I ran up to the front of the platform as I wanted to click a picture of the departing train. The people in the engine asked me if I was making a documentary film! I told them I was just a tourist who liked to take pictures.

Palampur Railway Station is a little far away (4-5 km) from the city. I got out from the railway station and after crossing the road I waited for a bus that would take me back to Palampur and food. So this is how my Rupees 2 train adventure went!


10 thoughts on “The Rupees 2 Train Ride!”

  1. Mridula ,

    It seems to be a sweet journey in cute little train with pakori and chai with splendid views. To run and click the pictures of departing train shows your zeal and passion for capturing the moment . Thanks a lot for sharing . I really loved this one a LOT.

    Baijnath temple picture is also nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. lovely!!! been wanting to do this… taking the narrow gauge train… but havent been able to, for some reason or the other.. mostly it is time which is the issue 🙁 but this post encourages me to try! and in fact, didnt even know this area had trains!

  3. That was a cool train ride, Mridula !
    The little station looks so peaceful & retiring room so freshly painted. Doesn’t look like that it is used at all.

    If that is a seat from second class then they should charge at least 10 times of that Rs 2 ! 🙂

    Just loved the post. 🙂

  4. Hi Mridula… This is one of most enjoyable posts in recent weeks. I am a great fan of toy trains. I have never done the Palampur section, though have done some other toy trains in India. I guess for rural India 2 Rs still is a lot. 🙂

    The Bhajiya looks so yummmy 🙂 and you have clicked in true street photography tradition with Tea cup and old men in background, it is a great photo.


  5. Tushar I have never tried that section 😀

    Thanks Vishal 😀 Hmm so everyone will not run and click a picture? Now that is some food for thought!

    Thanks Debopam.

    Thanks Kalyan.

    Yes Manish 😀 I wonder if the fare went up recently.

    Thanks Jeevan.

    Anu I hope you get on one soon, once again!

    Nisha yes it was the second class fare. 😀

    Thank you Desi Traveler!

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