Lazy Sunday Photo- A Kathakali Dancer

I used to do the Lazy Sunday Photo earlier at my blog, I would just post a picture on Sunday. Then gradually there came a time when I was just posting pictures on this blog all the time. And then the Lazy Sunday was no longer anything distinct. So I stopped doing it.

A Kathakali Dancer

A Kathakali Dancer

Now that I have regained some balance between text and photos I decided to start the Lazy Sunday Photo again! This is not Kerala, I have in fact never been to Kerala till now. This was at SATTE at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. I have to admit I didn’t get a decent picture on the first try. So I ran around to go where the dancers were and I clicked again.

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7 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- A Kathakali Dancer

  1. Kevin

    Nice photo taken . Kathakali is a beautiful dance of Kerala God’s Own Country . It needs lot of preparation and devotion to move your body in the rhythmic tone of the music. Tremendously unique dance to watch.

  2. maliny

    the photograph is so vibrant and you have taken it so nicely . . but the costume and the make up looks so crudely done . . come visit kerala . . you will be mesmerised by the perfection of the art form :) – a proud keralite :p

  3. Vishal Rathod

    Lazy Sunday Photo . It seems that you are lazy posting this as mentioned by that dancer does not look lazy at all. The weight he adds by wearing that dress itself speaks for it. Good one.


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