Jungle Babbler

By Mridula Dwivedi February 17, 2013 14 Comments ,

I get to see a lot of birds without even leaving my home. I put a bowl of water for them in the balcony throughout the year. On weekends I give them a further incentive to visit my balcony. I will put something to eat as well. From my experience I know that the birds like oranges! They are happy with any other fruit but oranges give a certainty to attract birds.

Jungle Babbler Food

Jungle Babbler- Don’t Mess with my Food!

I then click the pictures standing inside the room. This time the oranges attracted the jungle babblers. This bird kept giving me a stern eye as if to say bugger off let me have my food in peace! I was not obliging.

Jungle Babbler

Jungle Babbler

After a few pecks the birds were interested in the water and posing for me! It is great fun to do bird watching in the backyard. However jungle babblers are not my most favorite birds. They are loud, they are pushy and small birds have no chance to drink water or nibble at the fruits if they are in the vicinity. But they are fun to photograph as they seem to have mastered a wide variety of expressions! They often quarrel with each-other which adds to the photo opportunities.

They are also called seven sisters probably because they often move in a group, whether it is strictly seven, I am not too sure tough. They often invade my front yard as well, always noisy even when I do not keep any fruits for the birds. They are actually quite regular in my area! I think they look for insects on the ground.

Jungle Babbler Bath

Bath Time for the Jungle Babbler

Finally it was bath time before the bird flew away! If you like bird watching consider participating in the The Great Backyard Bird Count.

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