Gurgaon Roads

The roads in my part of the world can get incredibly congested and usually a lair of dust hangs over it. But on some days it turns to magic. On those days I try to pause and click a few pictures.

Gurgaon Roads

Gurgaon Roads

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. Do check them out, they rock!

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23 thoughts on “Gurgaon Roads”

  1. Love this photo. The colours are a delight and contrast beautifully with the street scene – man vs Nature

  2. Hi Mridula,
    How are you?

    When it is dust in Cochin, I would be busy fighting the reaction of my nose to the dust. 🙂

    The pic looks good Mridula.

    Best regards,

  3. oh..thtats definitely gives me a picture of gurgaon!!! dusty village… 😉
    nice pic though!

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