Yesterday’s Rain

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I was at work when it rained a lot at NCR. While I am not a big fan winter rains (too many people without homes) and even less of the monsoon ones (too many traffic jams) it leads to good photo opportunities sometimes.


Rains at Gurgaon

While it was raining the sun came out. I decided to click a shot with my cell phone and see how it went. And by the time I reached for my main camera the magic had disappeared.

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13 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Rain

  1. Mridula Post author

    Thanks for letting me know the farming perspective Shalu.

    Hoteldepot yes my Nokia X7 camera is good.

    Thanks Ladyfi and Vinisha.

    Milind 😀 thank you.

    Matheikal thank you.

    Fayaz not the winter rain, I don’t want it to come again soon.

    Jay it just takes some practice after all this is a cell phone picture.

    Thanks Indu.

    Anu I didn’t see the hailstorm once it was at 3.00 am and at the other time not in my area.

  2. Jay

    Hi Mridula,

    Wow, lovely golden haze and hue all over the street. Lovely capture. Wish I could click such pics.


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  3. milind kumar

    itz amazing.One thing is very clear in the world good /pleasing things disappears rapidly.So thank u to make it still.


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