Mumbai and Jet Airways- Always on Business

By Mridula Dwivedi January 28, 2013 10 Comments ,

There are certain things that I always end up doing on business- like flying Jet Airways and visiting Mumbai. In the recent past I can remember only one Jet Airways flight and I actually took it to Mumbai for attending a conference. Trips like these mean I work hard and hardly get to explore the place but I am not complaining. At least I get to see something of the place this way!

Approaching Mumbai on a Flight

I Love Window Seats and Evening Flights

I remember my Jet Airways flight as quite comfortable and on time. The added advantage of flying with an airlines like Jet Airways from Delhi is that they fly out from the more comfortable (at least to me) T3. Some people do like 1 D better as the distances are shorter to boarding.

I like clicking sunsets so much from an aircraft that when I see a plane up in the air at that hour I envy the people on the sunset side window from the ground! I will further go on record and say that I like sunrise flight more than boring day flights even though it means getting up insanely early to catch the flight. The best is an international flight which is at least 10 hours long you are bound to get a sunrise or sunset through some time zone!

But as I said before I prefer low cost carriers to full fare airlines. To me the meal on the flight doesn’t matter. There are many good eating options when I am flying out of any of the two Delhi airports. I am always on a lookout for cheap air tickets and they hardly seem to come from full fare airlines (maybe I am missing a trick or two). So Jet Airways, Emirates or Malaysia Airlines happen to me mostly on business and sponsored trips! And I am happy when I get to fly these airlines but by choice to me an airline is a means for getting from point A to B as cheaply as possible on a sun rise or a sunset flight!

I can say the same about Mumbai. I have been to Mumbai 4 times in all and barring a college sports trip (long time ago) the other three were business. And it is going to remain the same for Mumbai as well as full fare airlines, I guess, in the neat future!

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10 thoughts on “Mumbai and Jet Airways- Always on Business”

  1. Some time back business trippers only had Kingfisher in mind, both at the airport lounge and the flight attendants strutting down the aisle! Gone are the days!

  2. Hi Mridula,

    Indeed, why waste money on buying food on the flight, more so if the the total trip isn’t of a long duration. It doesn’t make sense to buy a higher fare ticket and waste the money on the food.

    Lovely click, I must say. The sun set looks heavenly and awesome. Thanks for sharing this with us. 🙂


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  3. Jet Airways has been the trusted national carrier for business travellers since the last decade or so. No one can catch up to the service and timeliness of them. Indigo will come close second

  4. Hoteldepot I am sure this was not true across genders 😀

    Jay I agree with my money it is a hunt for the lowest price!

    The Narcissistic surprisingly all my Air India flights have been OK till date but such is the weight of reputation that I too shudder when I think I have to fly Air India.

    Agreed Vishal.

    Thanks Bikash.

    Thanks Lady Fi and Debopam.

    Sarah I am the low cost airline person 😀 So Indigo is the best.

    Arnab with the price factor Indigo wins for me. 😀

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