Marina Beach, Chennai

By Mridula Dwivedi January 12, 2013 10 Comments ,

Marina Beach at Chennai is for sure not the most beautiful beach I have ever seen but I have to say it is going to remain very special for me always. It was the first time when my daughter saw sea here. Initially she was a bit overwhelmed. But by the second day (at Besant Nagar Beach) she was already demanding to go further and to be left alone! We did neither but that is another matter as the sea was very choppy.

People at the Marina Beach, Chennai

People at Marina Beach, Chennai, India

It is difficult to click pictures with my daughter around but I still managed to click some. The bright colored saris caught my eye and hence I took this one.

Merry Go Round at Marina Beach, Chennai

Merry Go Round at Marina Beach, Chennai

My daughter had a nice time at the merry go round and I had some time to try and capture the moon! She went on it twice, but the additional time I had, it still did not improve the quality of my pictures!

A Fortune Teller at Marina Beach, Chennai

A Fortune Teller at Marina Beach, Chennai

My dauhter was attracted by the parrot that the fortune teller had in the cage! As I was walking behind them I got an opportunity to click the picture. But she soon got distracted and did not demand that we engage with the parrot or the fortune teller!

Souvenirs Sold Near Marina Beach, Chennai

Souvenirs Sold Near Marina Beach, Chennai

And finally this was clicked at the underpass when we were walking back to get an auto to our hotel. I have to review that hotel but that is a tale (rant is more like it) for another day.

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10 thoughts on “Marina Beach, Chennai”

  1. Mridula, you are too modest. That moon picture with the merry go round is very good! And you captured the colours of Idia and the sea so well… magical…

  2. Loved the pictures… I stay in chennai but been to Marina quite a few times and I must say you have very nicely captured the essence of Marina beach!!

  3. nice clicks, Mridula! its been years and years since I was at Marina… i remember my first time there vividly!! i must have been just as old as Chhavi then! in the beginning, i refused to step into the water, but by the time everyone else was ready to leave, i refused to get out!!!!

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