Colorful Dilli Haat

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Yesterday I took two of my British colleagues to Dilli Haat. My take was that they could shop around and see some colors at one place. Also it was a bright sunny day, when it was good to be out there in the sun. I shudder to think if I took them out and it turned out to be gray like today!

Colorful Clay Pottery, Dilli Haat

Colorful Clay Pottery, Dilli Haat

This was one time when I found my colleagues were taking more pictures than me. I am surprised how they did that! It is very difficult to take more photos than me.

Colorful Decoration Balls

Colorful Decoration Balls in a Heap

While walking around we agreed that it was good to click pictures of the things we liked rather than buying everything. We did some shopping and we did sit down for a cup of tea from the Assam shop and some sabudana vada from the Maharashtra stall. For the life of me I could not figure out what is sabudana called in English. It is only after a Google search today I realize it is called Pearl Sago.

Kites for Decoration, Dilli Haat

Kites for Decoration, Dilli Haat

And even though I could not attend the Kite Festival I saw a lot of beautiful kites in a shop at Dilli Haat. When we asked what were the small kites were for, the shop keeper said they were used as decorations rather than for flying.

Necklaces for Sale. Dilli Haat

Necklaces for Sale. Dilli Haat

And even though I hardly ever wear a necklace I always like to click them. This time I wanted to keep only a few in focus and blur the rest. I am happy I could execute that to some extent!

And the thing I like about Dilli Haat most is that the next time I go there would be new things on display and for me to click!

PS. If you want to go the nearest metro station is INA. Just look out for the Dilli Haat signs for exit and it is right next door to the metro station.

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19 thoughts on “Colorful Dilli Haat

  1. Jay

    Hi Mridula,

    Wow, what a colorful collection this is.
    I loved the items in the third pic and the creatures in the first pic look so cute and funny. Thanks for sharing this ensemble from Dilli Haat with all of us. It’s been ages since I last went to that place, you’ve rekindled my interest of visiting this awesome place. :)


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  2. matheikal

    Dilli Haat is always an interesting place to idle away some time and also to buy handicraft and other such items. But the food stalls need be maintained better.

  3. Mridula Post author

    Thanks Arumugaeaswar.

    I completely agree on this with you Shooting Star.

    Thanks Ladyfi.

    Anu it was a great trip indeed and next time we should catch up there.

    Anu next time I guess?

    Thank you Rajesh.

    Thank you Rama.

    Thanks Amit.

    Thanks Niranjan, Debopam, Sam and Shilpi.

  4. Sam@Cheap trips India

    Yes this is nice place to visit with them who are specially come from out of Delhi as well as from out of India because there you can watch some culture things as well.

  5. Anu

    It is so colorful and lovely. The pottery and kite works are lovely. I wish I had known this place earlier to have gone there. I am sure your colleagues would’ve enjoyed this.

  6. Anuradha Shankar

    so someone finally beat you at photo clicking!!!! must have been one enjoyable trip! I love going to dilli haat, and esp since its very near my uncle’s place, i end up going there every time i need to meet anyone!


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