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By Mridula Dwivedi January 22, 2013 13 Comments ,

When Shubhra, the editor of Travel Secrets asked me if I would like to meet her and her team at Kunzum Cafe I readily agreed. It was fun for me when she featured me in her magazine. Travel Secrets is now also on  twitter.

So last Sunday we all met at Kunzum Cafe and the surprise for me was that I was the blogger who was supposed to talk at the meet! We were a cozy group but I didn’t expect that the spotlight would be on me!

Meeting Travel Secrets Team and Bloggers at Kunzum Cafe

Meeting Travel Secrets Team and Bloggers at Kunzum Cafe

The good bit was that we talked about everything under the sun related to blogging. It was a pleasure to Jupiter Huidrom there. He has done shows with both National Geographic and Fox Traveler. He asked many questions about things companies should know if they want to work with bloggers.

On the other hand as I am not a full time professional blogger I think a lot of my answers are different from professional bloggers but then I could be wrong.

The question that completely floored me? Why do you think people like your blog? I said, “you have to tell me, how do I know?” So do you have any clue why do you like my blog?

Some of the pictures of the event are on Travel Secrets Facebook Page.

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13 thoughts on “A Blog Chat with Travel Secrets Magazine”

  1. wow! that must have been some experience, Mridula!!! as to why i read your blog, it is because you go to places I wouldnt think of going to, and do things I wouldnt dream of… you go for treks which i cant imagine, and manage to travel as much as I can ever wish to!

  2. That wud have been so overwhelming … Congrats. N yes I read your blogs for your passion to capture the setting sun and brevity of thoughts.

  3. Shalu do let me know when you are in Delhi.

    Meena thank you 😀

    Jahid thanks for the feedback, need to take more pictures and good ones too!

    Anu same here I am fascnated by your temple and festivals writings.

    Chitra thank you.

    Thank you Pradeep.

    Thank you Debopam.

  4. Mridula, it was wonderful chatting with you at the Blog Talk workshop on Sunday. We found your candor refreshing and your insights valuable. Your blog strikes a difference because it reflects your simplicity and spontaneity. It’s easy on the eye while being informative and fun.
    Do let’s connect for more such cosy chats!

  5. A lovely meeting I suppose. It is apleasure to meet fellow bloggers and compare notes.

    I read your blog for its photographs and the information you provide.

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