And I am Back from Palampur in Himachal Pradesh

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I had a fabulous one week in Palampur. The details will start pouring in. But let me start with their mere bus stand and a lowly puddle!

Palampur Bus Stand, Himachal Pradesh, India

Palampur Bus Stand, Himachal Pradesh, India

It happens only in Himachal Pradesh I think! I had a gala time. I stayed at the Holiday Home Hotel a lovely home based accommodation. And the full disclosure is that I was an ordinary paying guest and was not invited by the property. If you are a solo women traveler you would find it safe and comfortable. But this will be a full post later.

I managed to sneak about a few places. Also I was hosted on my first day by a local family and you find such hospitality only in places like Palampur. I was hosted because I was a friend’s friend. And that common friend I have only interacted online!

I reached home today so the posts will follow in a while.

But tell me have you ever seen a more beautiful puddle ever?

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22 thoughts on “And I am Back from Palampur in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Tarun Goel

    Hey There!

    What a wonderful photo! I hope next time you get to visit Barot and Chota Bhangal. Soon (now that elections are over in Himachal) we will have another road opening up, the shortest route to reach Chamba from Palampur-Baijnath. Just a matter of 40 Kilometers to reach Chamba (Holi Village).

    Keep Writing!

  2. Jay

    Hi Mridula,

    Truly, what a wonderful capture you’ve got here. Even a puddle looking so beautiful with the reflection of the ice-capped mountains in the backdrop. Awesome composition. Palampur is a very nice place, indeed, that too, in the winters.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.



  3. Lipsy

    You have such a fabulous imagination !!You have written a complete post about a puddle which goes un-noticed everyday in our lives!

    Keep in touch!


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