An Evening Stroll and Taking Leave from Lakshman Sagar

By Mridula Dwivedi December 6, 2012 4 Comments ,

After visiting Rawli Tatgarh Wildlife Sanctuary I decided to take it easy and just walk around the resort property at Laksham Sagar in the evening. The rooms are spread in a semi-circle around the lake and they have made a path for the guests to walk around. They are still working on the path so that later one could go around it in a circle.

The Lakshman Sagar Lake and the Pink Restaurant from the Walk
The Lakshman Sagar Lake and the Pink Restaurant from the Walk

While walking I met two charming girls who were bringing tea to the people working on extending the path. They agreed to pose for me.

The Girls with Tea
The Girls with Tea

A while later Gajendraji and I reached the end of the trail and beyond that work was going on. Gajendraji asked the girls to give me a cup of tea too and they readily did! With some tea inside me I happily walked back to the pink restaurant for sunset and more tea. The next day morning I was heading back home.

With the Staff at Lakshman Sagar
With the Staff at Lakshman Sagar

And my trip account would not be complete without a big word of thanks to the staff at Lakshman Sagar. They not only said that I was the princess of the place they treated me like one!

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4 thoughts on “An Evening Stroll and Taking Leave from Lakshman Sagar”

  1. Your narration took me to there. Love the photo of the two girls – so much innocence.

    And it seems you are a regular traveler. Waiting to read more from you.

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