Sun Plays Peak-a-boo Behind the Clouds, Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan

By Mridula Dwivedi November 16, 2012 28 Comments ,

I visited Lakshman Sagar in Pali, Rajasthan recently. The place used to be a hunting lodge and it has now been converted into a hotel. They have 12 rooms in a vast open space! There are two restaurants which earlier used to be the janana (room for ladies) and mardana (room for men).

Sun Rays Filtering Through Clouds, Lakshman Sagar, Pali, Rajasthan

Sun Rays Filtering Through Clouds, Lakshman Sagar, Pali, Rajasthan

However what stuck me most was the open spaces around the place. It is literally in middle of nowhere and exactly what your doctor will prescribe for the frayed city nerves. There is no TV at the property and for miles around no habitation as well. I can never see such open skies in my cramped city life!

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28 thoughts on “Sun Plays Peak-a-boo Behind the Clouds, Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan”

  1. Beautiful shot of the sun’s rays streaming through the clouds! That place sounds like a tranquil retreat for citydwellers.

  2. What a gorgeous capture of such incredible skies, Mridula!! This one truly took my breath away this morning when I opened your blog page! How wonderful to be able to discover such a sight and at the same time, have your camera!!! Truly awesome! Have a great weekend and hopefully with more wonderful skies!!

  3. Calling by from Skywatch Friday, I never fail to be impressed by the skies Mother Nature sends us and your sunset composition is a beautiful example. What a beautiful place it sounds as well to visit for peace 🙂

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