What is Your Greatest Asset?

I wonder what my answer would have been a few days back? I am curious what your answer would be?

A Rain Swept Day, Sepang, Malaysia

A Rain Swept Day, Sepang, Malaysia

But today I would say my greatest asset is being healthy. You only realize it when you see getting up and sitting down becoming an issue. You only realize it when walking is an issue. And then once all goes back to normal I will forget it once again. How completely for granted I take my being healthy and how small is my gratitude for it!

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11 thoughts on “What is Your Greatest Asset?”

  1. ho ho… I hope all is well. Why is walking a issue??

    But you said it so truly, we don realize what a blessng good health is until we falter

  2. Can’t argue with the logic. There are so many things to do in life, and not being healthy would water down pretty much all of it..

  3. Thank you Rama, Amit and Arun for your thoughts. Meena and Tushar it was not me, I am fine and so is everyone else now.

  4. I totally agree. This year I’ve had a bad back and also a very painful knee. So grateful when I could walk normally and without pain again!

  5. Tell me about it..My health issue ironically has nothing to do with me staying healthy or living a healthy life..and when you do not have a scientific cause or cure, everyone in the family blames it on travel..ironically, its travel thats keeping me sane

  6. Lady Fi get well soon.

    Muthu 😀

    Anita wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Lakshmi, hope it will get sorted out soon and keep traveling.

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