Sunset at Hauz Khas, Delhi

I went to Hauz Khas to meet fellow bloggers Mariellen Ward, Digant and Priyanka. We meet at Naivedyam at Kauz Khas. And later we dropped into Kunzum Cafe too which is run by Ajay Jain. The idea was to talk about Delhi Travel Massive and how to go about organizing it.

Sunset at Kauz Khas, District Park Lake, Delhi

Sunset at Kauz Khas, District Park Lake, Delhi

I have to admit I have hardly explored Delhi and this was my first trip to Hauz Khas village! I was not expecting monuments right in the middle much less a lake. But that is what I got and I did not leave till sunset!

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11 thoughts on “Sunset at Hauz Khas, Delhi”

  1. Nice capture of the photo. Just wondering about the 2 trees, who don’t they have any leaves? Or is it a sign of approaching autumn?

  2. Is it like a lake in midd of delhi. I am sorry am cluess abt delhi…. U know fro some reason I hv this stupid romatiscm abt delhi n agra!

  3. Delhi has so many things to explore…. i stared going to these less known places and was surprised to find so many new places which anyone hardly talk about…

    And Hauz khas village is one of my fav…

  4. Great photo Mridula! And I’m so glad that I contributed to it by choosing to meet in Hauz Khas 🙂

    It was great to meet you …. and I am looking forward to many more. Also hoping you will help my upgrade my camera skills!

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