Rainy Days from Malaysia

For today’s skywatch I present two rainy day pictures from Malaysia. Of late I have developed a penchant to click pictures through car/bus windows when it is raining outside. That way sometimes I get interesting pictures!

Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

If you search for Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque, Sepang, Malaysia on the net, you will find that it is a well photographed mosque. It is actually on the way from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kuala Lumpur City. You can see it from the highway and I am sure like me, a lot of tourists would react by clicking a picture and sharing it on the net! This picture was clicked on our way to the hotel in Putrajaya. I had clicked the mosque on my previous visit to Kuala Lumpur as well but I find this picture more interesting because of the raindrops.

A Rainy Day, Sepang, Malaysia

A Rainy Day, Sepang, Malaysia

This picture also has a Sepang connection. We were traveling to the Sepang F1 International Circuit when I spotted rain and a participant of the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 by the window. And I thought they made a pretty picture!

I otherwise do not like rainy days too much if I am looking to shoot pictures as the gery skies make it so difficult to take any decent pictures. But I now realize that shooting through the window of a vehicle with raindrops on it sometimes can save the day!

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24 thoughts on “Rainy Days from Malaysia”

  1. lovely pics! how do you manage to get such lovely images from inside a moving vehicle in the rain? I tried it last time when we were at Mahabaleshwar, but none of the pics were any good 🙁

  2. When we were in KL it somehow used to rain every time we ventured out on weekend evenings and I simply used to hate the rains then ha ha….Lovely pictures!

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