A High Peak and a Patch of Blue, Pheriche, Nepal

I had to dig the archives to find a picture for today’s sky watch and the best place to dig is my Everest Base Camp Trek folder. I am looking forward to May 2013 when I can go and trek in Nepal again. Nothing fixed yet (way too early I guess) but I do want to go.

Beautiful Pheriche, Nepal

Beautiful Pheriche, Nepal

And whenever I look at this picture I kick myself. There was so much happening. It was early in the morning, there was water on the ground that was catching light, there was a big peak ahead and all I could capture was this! I like it still but it is not a patch on what the eyes saw.

Do check out the Sky Watch page for some amazing sky pictures. Better still share your own.

6 thoughts on “A High Peak and a Patch of Blue, Pheriche, Nepal”

  1. really! U had to look in archives?? Time for another trip huh 🙂

    Hey BTW this MiaMenon is the same meena menon .. lol!

  2. From your narration I’m sure the real experience there was much more that whats showcased! Its beautiful and peculiar shot!


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