Hauz Khas, Delhi- Really Khas!

When I started looking at my pictures from my yesterday’s visit to Hauz Khas, my intention was to do one post. I realized it would be one very long post if I posted even the pictures I thought have come out well.

I have to admit I have hardly explored Delhi at all. Yesterday too, I was meeting people who have an online presence in the travel field. I decided to walk from the Hauz Khas  metro station to Hauz Khas Village. And right on this walk was a temple and two ASI monuments! But for today’s post I am sticking to the pictures from Hauz Khas.

Hauz Khas, Delhi

Hauz Khas, Delhi

Can you imagine this view in the middle of Delhi? Well this is Hauz Khas and hence I said I would be sticking to the pictures from that area. Hauz in Urdu means a water tank and Khas means special and in this case royal. So Hauz Khas literally means the royal tank and I am posting the pictures I clicked around it. I actually first stumbled across the monument in the Hauz Khas Village and I could see a water body below with birds flying around it. I decided I was going to check it our after the meeting and the lunch got over. And I am happy I did. I thought I would rush back home but I stayed till the sunset time.

Ducks at the Royal Tank or Hauz Khas, Delhi

Ducks at the Royal Tank or Hauz Khas, Delhi

There are a lot of ducks by the lake and people feed them. They had a gala time, particularly kids. Some people give them roti crumbs but a lot of them simply brought grass strands from the nearby areas! And the birds seem to enjoy the grass.

The Royal Tank, Hauz Khas, Delhi

Ducks at the Royal Tank, Hauz Khas, Delhi

You can see many ducks in this picture and this is a partial view, there were many many more. I have associated Delhi (in fact all NCR) with traffic jams, rude auto drivers and bargaining (yes I am not good at it). So it was an amazing experience to see this lake in the middle of the city. And it was reasonably clean too. I am glad we have not choked it with rubbish.

The District Park, Hauz Khas, Delhi

The District Park, Hauz Khas, Delhi

Apart from the lake there was a big park too and I could see for quite a few people it was the regular jogging spot. And for some the regular meeting spot. Don’t go by my picture above it was a crowded place. I waited patiently for the crowd to move out from my shot at least directly. I was largely left in peace to click my pictures.

A View of Hauz Khas by from the Lake, Delhi

A View of Hauz Khas by from the Lake, Delhi

After this visit to Hauz Khas I have to say I am going to expect more of Delhi. And explore it more with my daughter. I think Chhavi has grown up enough for us to roam around Delhi!


17 thoughts on “Hauz Khas, Delhi- Really Khas!”

  1. I’ve grown up in this area so it’s pretty much all memorable for me. It’s nice that there are still small small almost hidden green places across Delhi.

  2. I had just heard of this place as one of the posh Delhi localities. With tranquil surroundings like these and the ‘royal’ significance, I am sure it is a lovely area to stay in and is a popular place for some peace.

  3. Awesome pictures ! I lived in Hauz Khaz for 5 years but never took time to visit these beautiful places

  4. I have never been to Delhi or for that matter anywhere in India. I would have never thought it could be so beautiful. Magnificent images.

  5. Proud of my historic city Delhi! No city can match my city’s heritage!!!! Incredible Capital, Incredible History! The Capital of Capitals of millenia!
    Unfortunately, all that Delhi government has promoted till date are Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and Red Fort! These are just small streams in the otherwise ocean of heritage of this city. A cluster of atleast 11 historic Capitals, these places fall in just 2 Capital cities. Hauz Khas is part of 2 medieval capitals of Delhi.
    Delhi’s fall from royal, imperial grace first happened in 1857 when Delhi was virtually destroyed by the British during Siege of Delhi and then in 1947 when after Partition, the indigenous Muslim population was replaced by incoming Punjabis due to Partition of India. What followed was utter disrespect for the city’s heritage as the Punjabis had no link with it and grooming it to make it a world-class modern city… in short ignoring its heritage. What has resulted is a world of chaos- neither ancient nor modern.
    It is a shame that Delhi is no longer identified with its incredible imperial history, but with chaos, rudeness and Punjabiness. How many people know that Hindi and Urdu were born out of Delhi’s historic mother tongue Khadiboli? It remains the only city in India which all through its history since its inception millenia back, has never been associated with any province, state or ethnic group. It has always been an independent federal capital, except for a brief period when between 1857 and 1911 the British had clubbed it with Punjab. All this, thanks to Delhi’s unending date with history as national Capital!
    If Ghalib were alive today, he’d pen a book of melancholic poems about the sorry state of the city he was so deeply in love with! Delhi needs to be promoted as a Capital on the whole. If comparatively smaller Jaipur can earn half it revenue through heritage tourism , why can’t the gigantic Delhi with a much bigger pool of heritage structures and way older and diverse history??? We need more Ghalibs to make it possible.

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