Dance at Sungai Pasu Home Stay, Pahang, Malaysia

I took a short video at the dance presentation at Sungai Pasu home stay at Pahang, Malaysia. Sometimes it is easier to talk via a video than words. You can see three Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 participants joining the locals. The gentleman who started it all was from Japan and he was quite popular with the ladies of Sungai Pasu after that! After the performance was over the ladies of Sungai Pasu went in for an extended photo shoot with the Japanese delegate!

We had a short chat where he asked me if I knew of a video game Mario and I asked, “who Super Mario?” That was greeted with shots of joy and the question did I play it too? Sadly the answer to that is in the negative.

The dancers were also quite gracious after the performances and would readily agree to pose with us. They would also invite us to dance at the end of the performances. This would lead to two scenarios. Some people would be waiting for the opportunity to get on to the stage and have a good time. And then there were some like me who would not give the eye contact to the dancers who would come to the audience and invite them, praying that they go away. I think we were equally divided! Apart from the formal dinner at Putrajaya, I always escaped. One good way to avoid dancing is to click pictures! Everyone leaves the photographer alone!

Enjoy the dance!

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