The Spirit of Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012

By Mridula Dwivedi September 30, 2012 9 Comments ,

Even though Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 was suppose to be competitive, I thought the participants were really cool and their lust for travel was much more dominant than any competition. We all ran around hunting for clues in our teams but we had so much fun together!

The Spirit of Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012
The Spirit of Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012

The gentleman in the orange in the picture above is Mr. Musa Yusof the director of the domestic marketing division, Tourism Malaysia! From what I have seen Malaysian bureaucrats seem to be so different from the Indian ones! He traveled with us all the while and was always game for posing with the participants.

I also learned that in order to make a person feel  welcome you need not know the language. A smile, a nod, a concern to understand your issues go a long way even when the language is not perfect. I kept wondering that in spite of our hectic schedule why did I enjoy the trip so much? It was because of the cooperative participants, concerned organizers and genuine hospitality.

At Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia we went for a night trek. We came back at 11.00 pm and guess what? I actually experienced the famous Malaysian after dinner supper! There was a tea with lot of snacks waiting for us. I do occasionally eat Maggi late at night but having a lavish spread out at that hour was a new experience for me! Malaysians are really fond of their food and they make others experience it too!

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9 thoughts on “The Spirit of Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012”

  1. I had a smile the moment I watch the picture. Thanks to you and the team.
    Keep traveling, Keep writing, Keep smiling. Best Wishes!

  2. Nice capture Midula! It is great to know about that you really enjoyed the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012. I wish that you keep traveling and keep writing your experiences. It is always an immense pleasure to read your travel experiences. Do post some more pics of Malaysia Tourism Hunt.

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