Making a Splash

When it rained yesterday my daughter ran out and had a gala time getting wet. I stayed at the door and clicked pictures of the water drops making a splash!

Water Drops on a Rainy Day

Water Drops on a Rainy Day

I first tried the kit lens but I was not happy with the close up of the water drops I was getting. Then I tried the 75-300 mm lens with continuous shooting. The lens was slow at the range I was trying. Let us see if I get another opportunity to experiment more with rain drops next weekend. The neighbor’s blue wall gives me a good background too!

Making a Splash!

Making a Splash!

This was the biggest splash I could capture! I actually love rains as long as I am not stuck in a traffic jam.

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7 thoughts on “Making a Splash

  1. Anu

    lovely captures, Mridula! I tried to capture water droplets during our trip to Mahabaleshwar this monsoon, but with my camera, couldnt get any decent images

  2. Meena Menon

    I am jus back from a hol where I had rain, rain n more rain(luckily thou hey were a blessing in disgusise!) n when i look up ur space the first post i see is of more rains.. lol!


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