Driving at the Sepang F1 International Circuit at Malaysia

By Mridula Dwivedi September 21, 2012 11 Comments , ,

I have to admit I am not much of a driver! And yet I ended up driving (OK only at 80kmph) at the Sepang F1 International Circuit in Malaysia today. It was not intended but it still happened. We all as the part of our Tourism Hunt 2012 were invited to the Sepang International F1 Circuit!. Suzi was our driver and I was not keen on driving as I am not much into cars! But I was so excited to be a part of the atmosphere and click pictures!

Sepang F1 International Circuit, Malaysia
Sepang F1 International Circuit, Malaysia

And then our flag off started and Suzi zoomed in our Proton Persona with 3 of us doing pillion riding. I had a gala time clicking pictures of the track. One of the best views is of the grand stand. And I have to say the pre flag off briefing was very interesting in itself. The F1 track officials gave us a stern warning about wearing our seat belts, not using the phone while driving and not stopping for any pictures, so some pictures are from the zooming car.

Grand Stand, Sepang F1 International Circuit, Malaysia
Grand Stand, Sepang F1 International Circuit, Malaysia

Now allow me to take a slight detour here. Before coming to Malaysia I had planned a trip to Jaipur to experience the Double Decker train. But I had to cancel that trip because my sister and niece got ill. And my sister owns an automatic car. And since she was ill she insisted that I drive her automatic so that in future if need be I would be able to handle the car myself. I otherwise avoid driving as much as I can but this was one occasion when I forced myself to drive and that is the only time I drove an automatic. Let me now fast forward to Sepang F1 International Circuit.

Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia
Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia

As every car had more than one driver we made a pit stop so that we could exchange drivers. I still had no plans to drive. But both the drivers in my car went for a washroom break and when the time came to drive off again they were nowhere in site. So the organizers asked me and Aidil if we would drive? Aidil flatly refused and that left me with a F1 track and a car and I could not refuse! Thank god I had driven an automatic before or I could have never taken the initiative! So I took the car and drove around the Sepang F1 International Circuit twice!

Going Around the Sepang F1 International Circuit, Malaysia
Going Around the Sepang F1 International Circuit, Malaysia

It has been a thrilling experience indeed! So what if I drove at 80 KMPH! Then we went around the ‘behind the scene’ tour of the race course. I got to hear that the F1 track is booked every single day for events! It could be a corporate booking, an event like the one we experienced, a wedding (can you believe that?), car testing, tire testing and a lot more. We were shown the room reserved for the King and the Prime Minister to watch the F1 race.

I do Silly Things Sometimes!
I do Silly Things Sometimes!

And when it came for time to be silly, I took that opportunity too! Sepang F1 International Circuit does tourist tours at the race course.  They are also going to hold the MotoGP next month for which the Malaysian participant was using the track going around zip zap zoom while we were there! And if one motorcycle can make that noise I wonder how it would be when the race would be on!

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11 thoughts on “Driving at the Sepang F1 International Circuit at Malaysia”

  1. Wow! This surely must be a fun time for you and the ride seems to be thrilling as well! Hope the “silly” thing doesn’t remain silly anymore and comes to reality one day now too!! Have a great and fun-filled weekend, Mridula!!!

  2. Shrinidhi that was not the main track, the main track was all without any cracks!

    Raquel thank you.

    Anu Sepang International Circuit was certainly one of the highlights of the trip.

    Meena Malaysia was awesome for me!

    Thank you Panchali.

    Urvashi thank you but I have no F1 intentions! 😀

    Arnab it was not a F1 car, it was a normal proton car on a F1 track!

    Shalu 😀 it was meant to happen.

  3. Hey there ! I would like to ask that Sepang F1 Circuit allow to do any photography there? It seems that from your photo they’re allow photography to me. So may I have a confirm feedback from you ? thanks in advance 🙂

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