And then there was a Rainbow!

By Mridula Dwivedi August 28, 2012 6 Comments

When it was a bit sunny and there was a bit of rain I started hoping. I love rainbows and I don’t get to see many. The trouble was that when the rainbow started happening I was on my way back from work.

Rainbow at Gurgaon
Rainbow at Gurgaon

I actually parked my car on the side and took out my DSLR and clicked. After three shots I realized that the camera said no memory. Thankfully I had the laptop with me as well, so I took the memory card out of it and went clicking. At one point there was a double rainbow but I could not click it.

The Sky Puts up a Show- A Rainbow in the Sky
The Sky Puts up a Show- A Rainbow in the Sky, Gurgaon

It was a tiring day for me but all it takes a little bit of rainbow to cheer me up even in Gurgaon.

PS. It is a busy week, hopefully from next week I will have more time. Also I am already regretting that I have not planned a trip that I can look forward to.

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6 thoughts on “And then there was a Rainbow!”

  1. Do you have the legend of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, in India (or equivalent)? I’ve never managed to find it! Love to see rainbows, though.

  2. Life is not always about traveling to exotic and beautiful places located far away. Its more about finding the little pieces of beauty surrounded all around us…this is one of my humble philosophies, couldn’t have found a better way to prove that this post of yours! Kudos!

  3. Yeah..even I saw the double rainbow on my way back from office. It was simply beautiful and more than that it was the feeling of sheer joy at experiencing such brilliance of nature…grt that you could capture it!!!

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