Pictures from KL Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

On my last day at Kuala Lumpur, I had an evening flight to catch. My original plan was to hang around the Petrona’s Twin Towers but I gave that up after a while. There were a lot of branded shops around and I didn’t had a ticket to go up.

I had taken the metro to go to the Petrona’s but I realized that given my time constraints I needed a taxi if I wanted to make it to the bird KL Bird Park and the airport too. I am sharing some images that I have been able to id up to now. There are many more that I have not been able to identify so as and when I do, I will post more bird images.

I start with this pelican among the lesser flamingos. I wish I could drop my jaws like that!

A Pelican at KL Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A Pelican at KL Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I loved the small birds I saw in the park and this splendid starling was a beauty. And I am not saying that the starling was splendid, the name of the bird is ‘splendid starling’.

A Splendid with a Kernel
A Splendid Starling with a Kernel

Then there was this lesser flamingo which spread its wings for a second.

Lesser Falmingo
Lesser Falmingo

When I saw this bird and thought it has to be some kind of a peacock but on asking around, realized that it was called a Victoria crowned pigeon!

Victoria Crowned Pigeon
Victoria Crowned Pigeon

By now you can make out that I was thoroughly smug with my decision to switch places and shell out on a taxi to get to KL Bird Park. I also saw an Asian Fairy Bluebird.

Asian Fairy Bluebird, KL Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur
Asian Fairy Bluebird, KL Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur

I will leave with the pelican again, and what a head twister it was!

Pelican at KL Bird Park
A Pelican at KL Bird Park
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14 thoughts on “Pictures from KL Bird Park, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”

  1. Awesome bird pics. Loved the Asian fairy blue bird .What a vibrant blue!
    Victoria Crowned Pigeon – truely named.

  2. Wouldnt it hv been a big dissap if u instead had spent that tim ein those malls! BTW u don come across as one of the mall-rats(if I may use the term!)

    N the pics are amazing… more for their pose and the assocaited decription!

  3. Thanks Rahmath.

    Jayshree do go there you will enjoy.

    Yes Anu you will enjoy.

    Thanks Meena. And you guessed it right, I am not a mall rat!

    Urvashi, many thanks.

    Rama thank you.

    Gautam thank you.

    Zielona thank you.

    Alka thank you.

    Lady Fi, thank you.

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