Sun, Sand and Sea, Goa

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An Evening by the Sea, Goa, India

Decided to post a few more pictures from Goa. This one was clicked at Anjuna Beach.

On the Beach, Goa, India

The lady in the center was trying to play volleyball with one person but there were quite a few people just hanging around.

A Banana Boat, Goa, India

I did the banana boat ride this time. The composition of our group was such that instead of flipping for the customary two times, we flipped and gulped sea water 4 times!

Water Scooter Ride, Goa, India

Here was a person on a water scooter on the sea!

The Golden Sea, Goa, India

And finally there was the golden sea that held me completely enthralled.

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14 thoughts on “Sun, Sand and Sea, Goa

  1. Ramakant

    Makes me want to visit Goa again. Guess its not my favourite place in India for nothing. Maybe, will pay a visit over the long weekend in April.


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