More Fun with Water Drops

By Mridula Dwivedi March 15, 2012 9 Comments

After doing the water drops on the Chinese Lemon I wanted to do more of the same. This time I was using my hands to make the water drops. So the pics have been clicked by holding the SLR in one hand.

Water Drops Falling from my Hand

This is against my neighbor’s wall in the background.

Water Drop on a Blue Background
Water Drops on a Blue Background

They have painted the wall blue and it provided for an interesting backdrop. It was only by clicking in the continuous mode I realized it is possible to capture the water drop while it is falling!

Water Drop on a Mulberry Fruit
Water Drop on a Mulberry Fruit

When I go bored I started looking for other things. There is a mulberry tree and I took this fallen fruit and tried to click the water drops. So the one above is not an insect.

Water Drops on a Rose Leaf
Water Drops on a Rose Leaf

Then it was the turn of a rose leaf.

A Water Drop Against the Sunset
A Water Drop Against the Sunset

And this is how a water drop looked when I clicked it against the sunset.


9 thoughts on “More Fun with Water Drops”

  1. Amazing..Liked the 3rd, 4th and the one against sun. Great captures Mridula. I’ve never tried my hands on the droplet photography…Now your pictures are so inducing I feel like trying them immediately!

  2. gr8 pictures – only problem is that i saw ‘Water Drops and the Evening Sky’ before this post and those pictures were even better 🙂

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