On the Road!

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On the road

On the Way to the Bangalore Airport

From our place to Bangalore Airport is far far away. In the car, Chhavi fell asleep after maybe 15 minutes. Then I had all the time to try and click pictures from the moving car. I reasoned that if I simply tried to focus on a moving vehicle from a moving car I will get a panning effect. I have to say it was not very easy but still it was a lot of fun. Only I got to inhale a lot of fumes in the traffic but I will gladly do this again. After all what better way to kill time in a car that often gets stuck in traffic?

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4 thoughts on “On the Road!

  1. Senthil

    The subject looks pretty clear seems that you moved at proper speed to get this excellent snap..

    all the best and do share some more pics….

  2. Mridula Post author

    Billmany thanks for stopping by. And of course I was not driving 😀 I was in a cab.

    Turhar amen to that, I will consider myself professional when I start earning my living out of it. 😀

  3. GW Bill Miller

    If you and the object you are shooting are moving at the same speed you will get a nice blurred background, like your motorbike. I do hope you weren’t driving while taking pictures. Good luck.


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