How Many States and Union Territories In India I Have Visited?

I do not have the money to travel through the globe but thankfully India in itself is big enough, 28 states and 7 Union Territories. I have to admit in the list below, when I say I have visited a state, it means I have seen a few places and not that I know it well. Also some of the states I have visited but not really as a tourist. So here I go. The hyper links mean I have written a story about it too.


Andhra Pradesh- Not yet

Arunachal Pradesh- Not Yet

Assam- Yes

Bihar- Yes but not as a tourist

Chattisgarh- Not Yet

Goa- Yes

Gujarat- Yes (Gir)

Haryana- Yes

Himachal Pradesh- Yes (BarogMcLeod Ganj, Naldehra, Prashar Lake, Shringi Vatika, Spiti)

Jammu and Lashmir- Yes and Ladakh too

Jharkhand- Not Yet

Karnataka- Yes (Surathkal)

Kerala- Yes

Madhya Pradesh- Yes

Maharashtra- Yes (Lonavala)

Manipur- Not Yet

Meghalaya- Yes

Mizoram- Not Yet

Nagaland- Not Yet

Odisha- Yes

Punjab- Yes

Rajasthan- Yes (Jaipur, Bundi and Hot Air Balloon Safari over Jaipur)

Sikkim- Yes

Tamil Nadu- Yes

Tripura- Not Yet

Uttarakhand- Yes (Kuari Pass, Rafting at Rishikesh and Bhimtal)

Uttar Pradesh- Yes (Lucknow)

West Bengal- Yes

Union Territories

Andanman and Nicobar Islands- Yes

Chandigarh- Yes

Delhi- Yes

Dadra and Nagar Haveli- Not Yet

Daman and Diu- Not Yet

Lakshadweep- Not Yet

Puducherry- Not Yet

6 thoughts on “How Many States and Union Territories In India I Have Visited?

  1. sandeep

    i am surprised by a ‘no’ against kerala :) mine is mostly the southern states and some central – north – west states. actually i used to keep track of the districts i have visited in these states and actually have a 100% in kerala, karnataka, pondi and goa with a 85% in tn and about 60% in ap :)

  2. Chandrima Pal

    Nice list! I love your photos and nice text around them.
    Looking forward to some fantastic tips and stories about seeing Delhi and other places from you.
    I love travelling and have been moving from one place to another from the childhood I remember but I don’t know why when it comes to writing about them it takes a lot of effort for me. Can you give me some tips to start writing about travel.

  3. Anu

    very interesting, Mridula!! This encourages me to make such a list of my own!! as of now, looks like i have visited 14states and 4UTs , though some of the visits have been in my childhood… though i remember the trips, have no records :(

  4. Prashanth M

    Whoa!! I’ve a long way to catch up with you…

    I’ve visited five Southern states (Karnataka, TN, AP, Kerala & Goa) and two in North – Himachal and Uttarakhand. And one Union territory – Pondy…


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