Can you Blog without a Picture?

It has somehow happened that I have no access to my pictures folders for the past few days and I am finding it extremely difficult to blog. Now when did this happened? At least consciously I didn’t realize that I will find it so difficult to write anything without a picture or a video.

I can talk about Jaisalmer’s sand dunes and a particularly pretty pattern that I clicked but do you see, I clicked it so I need to show it! Then I could blog about my visit to Konark and the light that I got to click the pictures and how it was good but only on the angle that highlighted the repair work. It would be so much more easier to blog about it if I could show you the picture. You get the drift?

So the only thing I can talk about is an incident of which I have no pictures! At Suryagarh, Jaisalmer I was enjoying the cultural show. I was walking around the amphitheater and clicking pictures and making videos (gosh I can’t write two lines with mentioning pictures and videos but I will persist) when on a whim I peered over the edge of the boundary overlooking the outer courtyards at the hotel. It was dark and I thought that my eyes were playing tricks. But I peered hard but it was still there, a private chopper parked right at the hotel. I almost ran towards where Pallavi was sitting (she had been to the hotel before) and I asked, “Does the hotel has a private chopper?” She said no and wondered why do I ask? I replied because there was one parked right there!

She had a word with a few people around and the rumor was that there was someone from the Microsoft staying at the hotel and wanted to take a ride over the city in his private chopper! Late in the night I saw a person walking around and I thought it was Paul Allen. The hotel I guess would have a confidentiality agreement and was tight lipped about it. But then there were reports of Paul Allen being at Jaisalmer in the local press the next day, so I think my guess is correct, that Paul Allen was staying at Suryagarh with his private chopper and chartered flgihts.

But then of course I can never be sure because even in the press the Suryagarh people would not comment on it.

There, I finally managed to write something without a picture but anyway I didn’t click a picture of the private chopper at night as the light was too low and by the day time it was gone! Next time I will use the flash but then if I had a picture what would I have written about today?

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