A Few From the Road

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I am not much of a street photographer, I am quite afraid to click pictures of people for the fear of offending them. But today I was somewhere in Bangalore and it took 2 hours to get back home. Chhavi also feel asleep after a while. So I clicked a few pictures from the moving cab.


With the Lord

With the Lord

The advantage of slow traffic is that you can click sometimes. Our cab was crawling and managed to click this one. I can see that the women is carrying an image of a god but I do not know much more beyond that.

Roadside Pottery, Bangalore

Roadside Pottery, Bangalore

This shop was clicked when we stopped at a red light. First I had a clear view and wanted to click. A few seconds later when I was ready another car and blocked my view. But then the cab driver also moved a little ahead and I managed to get this clear view.


All Dressed Up

All Dressed Up!

And then there were these pretty kids all dressed up going somewhere.

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2 thoughts on “A Few From the Road

  1. Mridula Post author

    Rama many thanks. Wish you a very happy 2012. This was while traveling from Whitefield to J.P. Nagar and at various spots.


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