Red Cheeked Bulbul at Ross Island, Port Blair


Red Cheeked Bulbul, Ross Island, Port Blair

Red Cheeked Bulbul, Ross Island, Port Blair

I clicked this red cheeked bulbul at Ross Island, Port Blair. Port Blair is full of them. I heard from our guide at the Cellular Jail that when  Vir Savarkar was serving his time there, he remarked that it was the song of the bulbuls that gave him solace. Now we can go inside the jail and see all the cells, including his. It is a tribute to the human spirit that he survived for 10 years in that confined space and lived a long life after his release. I am aware that there is a controversy about his appeal for clemency and the subsequent release. But just go and look at that cell and then question his decision.  Right in front of his room were the gallows too. I will write more about my visit to the Cellular Jail. It was a very moving experience.

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6 thoughts on “Red Cheeked Bulbul at Ross Island, Port Blair”

  1. Had a good experience with a red vented Bulbul and her family.
    This is the first time I get to see a red cheeked bulbul.
    Its sitting on a coconut tree ?

  2. Thanks Ajeya.

    Chitra that is to happen, I have become incredibly lazy at writing 😀

    Thanks PN.

    Joe yes it is sitting on a coconut tree.

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