Sabudane ki Pakaudi from Dilli Haat

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Sabudana (Pearl Sago) ki Pakodi

Sabudana (Pearl Sago) ki Pakodi

Last month (was it just last month! How does the time flies) my sister and I went to Dilli Haat, just the two of us. And we really had a great time. Feasted on food. I really truly liked the Sabudana Ka Pakaudi from the Maharashtra stall. It had bits of peanuts in it too. We have to go there again and just the two of us!

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2 thoughts on “Sabudane ki Pakaudi from Dilli Haat

  1. chitra

    This is one snack I make when son comes down for vacation. He is a great fan of Sabudana vada as it is called in Maharashtra


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