UK Bound


UK Bound

Got a new UK visa today. If everything goes according to the plan, then I would be traveling to UK towards the end of the month. It is mostly for work but planning to stay back for a few days. Why Oh Why do I have to give around 70 rupees to get even 1 pound? And, why Oh Why can’t I bring myself to spend in pounds? After all, this would be my 5th visit to UK (yes I am counting) and I should be getting used to the exchange rate.

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6 thoughts on “UK Bound”

  1. Ha ha, that’s funny. I was wondering Why Oh Why will I only get 70ish rupees to a pound 🙂

    It’s also so strange to buy things in the 000’s, like a hotel room for Rs2000, which I know is only about £30 but 2000 seems like a huge number.

    Shame we’ll miss each other, you’re coming over here and I’m flying to Delhi on 28th July.

  2. Have heaps of fun… Luckily, there’s lots to see and do without spending much pounds or rupees 🙂 Unless, of course, your taste is of the exclusive kind 😉

  3. Because India is a developing Country that is why Pound 1= Rs. 75

    by the way what if if you print some of the queen’s currency…less than Rs. 10 per 100 pound I guess….:P…..thats just a wild goose chase..

  4. So an interesting trip on the cards. Shall wait for for your travel tales.

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