Ilbert Manor, Mussoorie- The Corner that I Loved Most

Ilbert Manor, Mussoorie

Ilbert Manor, Mussoorie

When I reached the Ilbert Manor late in the afternoon, I was quite zonked because of the Avomine (anti nausea medicine for mountain roads). I was quite quickly given the keys of my room and I headed to the second floor of the two story building. This was the view that greeted me. I completely flipped when I saw the slanting roof, the long corridor and the light streaming in. There were cozy chairs near the  windows and that was the favorite corner of mine. Also the windowsills were so thick you could sit on them comfortably and look out.

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7 thoughts on “Ilbert Manor, Mussoorie- The Corner that I Loved Most”

  1. The building looks too good, like you said the slanting roof and the length adds to the charm of the whole place. So did you sit on the window sill?

  2. Yes Chitra 😀 I would sit on the window sill.

    Yes Anu it was quite a relaxing place.

    Thanks Bhusavali.

    Ajeya this is Mussoorie.

  3. Looks lovely! I can just imagine spending a lazy weekend here, may be with a fire in the living room…. i wish someone would invite me!

  4. Why hotels are so expensive (based on their quality, services and facilities) in India? 🙁

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