A Purple Sunbird Nest

Purple Sunbird Nest

Purple Sunbird Nest

There is a purple sunbird nest these days in the backyard. How do I know it is a purple sunbird? Because you look closely you can see the adult bird peeping out. I have not heard any baby birds as of now so probably there are eggs inside the nest. I am not getting to close to it as I do not wish to disturb the bird.

On another my zoom lens now stands repaired. I am waiting to try it out again. I missed it at Mussoorie as on the Camel Back Road I saw a lot of birds but no decent pictures because all I had was a wide angle.

4 thoughts on “A Purple Sunbird Nest”

  1. Thanks Chitra.

    Anu it is just around me, it is only after I got a zoom lens I started noticing them!

  2. this nest and the lovely sunbirds should give u an opportunity with the repaired telephoto!

    @anuradha: i have the same experience 🙁

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