My Complete Rafting Story Now Up at Gonomad

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Rafting around Rishikesh

Rafting on the Ganges

My complete rafting article is now up at Gonomad. There were seven rafts in all from our camp and here is what happened at ‘The Wall.’

And then we saw the raft in front of us! It had flipped and everyone was thrown out in the water. We turned back, there was another raft and even though it had not flipped, everyone was thrown out. Three rafts were now accounted for, only ours had people in it.

And the Rimo Expeditions, the excellent people with whom we went rafting has a separate site for river activities.

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2 thoughts on “My Complete Rafting Story Now Up at Gonomad

  1. Mridula Post author

    Abhilash 😀 I thought the risk involved in rafting was not that great. Some unknown risk yes but otherwise well planned and executed.

  2. Abhilash

    That is interesting. I am an adventure loving person but did not happen to visit such places always. I understand it is dangerous but that is fun right 😉


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