Chitra's Jewel Art- I am a Fan!

By Mridula Dwivedi May 8, 2011 12 Comments ,
Chitra's Jewel Art- My Earrings
Chitra's Jewel Art- My Earrings

I started interacting with Chitra over her other blog, about temples. Then one day we connected on Facebook and then I discovered Chitra’s Jewel Art. I have to admit I am not very fond of jewelery. But earrings are an exception. And I just way to lazy to go out and shop as well. So I really liked the idea that I can order it over the internet.

In the picture is my first round of purchase from Chitra. Second round is on the cards. Thank you Chitra.

PS. Chitra never asked me to do this post, it is my way of saying thank you.

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12 thoughts on “Chitra's Jewel Art- I am a Fan!”

  1. Mridula,
    So nice of you to have made a post on my Jewel Art. In this world of mad race for being one up on the other , I have always felt sharing with out expectation is one way, we can reduce our stress and increase our happiness, this act of yours makes me all the more happy that, I have found another person who shares this idea.

    If only 50% of us in the humanity start following this idea, this world will become be most beautiful place to live in. Salaam Mridula.

  2. I have three websites. I love nature/gardening, people, and family history. There is joy to be found in all. In that mix I found Chitra and started following her two blogs then on FB when she started her jewelry. What a compassionate, intelligent, and talented lady. I am glad to have found her for a friend. Appreciate your generosity and love of beauty and life too. Will follow you.

  3. It is very sweet and nice of you to have written about Chitra’s jewelry art after you have bought a few.How many of us do this on our own without being asked?I have been a regular follower of all her blogs and she brings her class and style into each one of them.Thanks to her blog I am fortunate to come here.

  4. They look gorgeous! I just checked out Chitra’s site, and I must say it’s tempting 🙂 I love jewelery, but mostly I forget to put them on… they are a nice display in my bathroom 🙂

  5. Dear Chitra,
    You deserve to receive good comments, as you please your friends as well as the common folk with your fashion jewellery. Your skill attracts people from around ofcourse because of the eye catching designs and the reasonable pricing. Keep the wheels roll on

  6. Chitra’s jewel art fascinates me too. Excellent creativity and ordering online and buying her art siiting in the comforts of your home is a great idea.

    Ideal for gifting too.

  7. Hi Mridula,
    I am new to you. But I apreciate the way you bring the talented people to light through your blog. Yes, I am also a fan of Chitra, nice creations with good imagination.
    My best wishes to you.

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments, I just did hat I usually do, write about something that I like.

    Chitra you are most welcome.

    Fran thanks for sharing your websites.

    Partha thank you for stopping by.

    Fida 😀 I am fond of earrings.

    Asha thank you for your comment.

    Appu thank you.

    Prabha, thanks for stopping by.

  9. Really she very creative and talented. I saw her collection on facebook and fell in love with them. Nice designs and colors.

  10. Hi chitra I really impressed on your creations and became a fan of you. I already doing fashion jewellery like you. Your creations are my inspiration.

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