The Joy of Finding Lost Photos

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Somewhere in London, 2007

Somewhere in London, 2007

A long time back my laptop conked. All my data was saved and my laptop restored back to health. But due to some reason it would show some picture folders twice. So in my infinite wisdom I did a ‘shift del’ on those folders and somehow both the folders vanished. Now all this data was backed up in an external drive as well. But Brat 1 and 2 gave that drive to a friend and I would often say, get that drive back and they would say “yes Bua“. And there the matter would rest. Among the lot were photos from my first ever trip to UK as well.

Then imagine my happiness when one of my IT staff at work asked me this week, “Ma’am how come your laptop data is stored on a PC in the lab?” Now this happened because of some backup the then IT staff had taken. So, I immediately gave him another hard drive and my old photos are back. The one above is from the UK trip in 2007. I had to post one, right?

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8 thoughts on “The Joy of Finding Lost Photos

  1. Mridula Post author

    Yes Nisha that is sensible or it leads to heart break!

    Chitra 😀 thank you.

    Ah that is bad Kalyan.

    Akhila thanks for pointing out at least where the structure is, I could not remember at all where I took this, I only knew it was London.

    Sandeep, don’t wait for one, back up your photos.

  2. sandeep

    congratulations :) till now i have not had any hard disk crash issues. dunno how will handle one!

  3. Akhila S

    Yeah, I understand the kind of emotional attachment one has for the data :)
    Btw, this is the structure right opposite to the Tower of London. Don’t remember the name though, I’ll have to dig my blog for that.

  4. Kalyan

    I couldn’t help share my agony in this regard, when I mistakenly deleted the folder in which all my favourite photos were stored to never get it back again as it was not backed up. And the agony doubled when later I tried a data recovery software and could spot the names of the photos but only in a blank state.

  5. Nisha

    Congratulations. I can understand the joy and the smile on your face. I have been a victim too.

    That also tells me to take a backup of my photos. Right away.


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