The Food Truck at Shivpuri, Uttarakhand

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The Food Truck at Shivpuri

The Food Truck at Shivpuri

We finished rafting at Shivpuri, even though the original plan was to end up at Rishikesh. But we got delayed an that is a story worth telling but a bit later. As we had to catch up the Shatabdi Express later in the evening from Haridwar our luggage and lunch was waiting for us at Shivpuri now. Rimo Expeditions had arranged for it. But I never realized that the food would be served out of a truck. Guess what? After rafting for four hours the food out of the truck tasted heavenly and that suji ka halwa was the best ever that I tasted.

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6 thoughts on “The Food Truck at Shivpuri, Uttarakhand

  1. Mridula Post author

    Right Chitra!

    Diffusers thanks for letting us know.

    Yes Sankara it was a great experience.

    Anil I agree that the wall is great!

    Tarun, imagine if there was no food truck!

  2. Anil Rawat

    We had the same feeling after the rafting in ganges at Rishikesh, When you go there you really don’t have an idea about rafting, we felt tired in the training session itself :) but it was fun later… “the wall” was just super..

    Anil Rawat


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