Before the Camp Woke Up

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Rimo Expeditions, Kaudiala

Rimo Expeditions Campsite, Kaudiala

Two of my bigger strip reports from Lonavala and Kaudiala are pending but then it is the end of the semester time when all I will do for a long time is grading. I have cribbed enough on this blog whenever I have to grade so I will just make a token protest and move on.

I took this picture around 6.30 am when almost I had the entire Rimo Expedition’s campsite to myself. The Kayak and the rafts were waiting for us for another day of rafting.

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2 thoughts on “Before the Camp Woke Up

  1. Mridula Post author

    Meena and usually I also sleep quietly! Till I realized about the quality of light at those hours. I guess I was happier when I would not think twice about light and such things while taking pictures! I got more sleep then on my trips. 😀


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