The Sun Didn't Care about the Surroundings!

I attended a friend’s wedding yesterday and it was so nice to catch up with the lovely bride and the groom. I have to say I am a little closer to the bride but I knew the groom too. And he actually made my day. Apparently the groom (who recently completed his Ph.D.) reads my blog and said to me “Your blog was my guide.” I hope he would be too busy to read this, after all it was their wedding yesterday, but his comment just made my day.

But the pictures that I am going to post today were taken when I was driving back from work to the metro station in Gurgaon to attend the wedding. Sesha was at home and was coming straight to the station, we had decided to parked our cars at the station and take the train. He called to say that he had started a little late and I would have to wait. That gave me an idea. I stopped the car and ran out to click a few pictures. The sun didn’t care about the surroundings and was looking glorious while it was setting.

Another Gurgaon Sunset
The Sun Didn't Care about the Traffic!

The sun also didn’t care probably because the commuting path for it is not crowded at all. I wonder if it would set so beautifully if it had to negotiate the traffic that we face to reach home!

Gurgaon Sunset
Another View

I am wondering how much nature can add even to the most drab surroundings! Otherwise I cross this chowk (roundabout) everyday and never ever give it even a second glance.

Sunset at Gurgaon
The Bills give an Illusion of Buddhist Flags

I had to cross the road to get this picture but you can imagine how much I am missing travel, specially the hills. I was tempted to include some political party’s bills flying in the wind in my picture because it reminded me ofย Buddhistย flags.

I hope you agree with me that the sun truly didn’t care about its surroundings yesterday! It probably never does?

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7 thoughts on “The Sun Didn't Care about the Surroundings!”

  1. I am glad your husband was late ๐Ÿ˜‰ I never get tired of natures spectacle!

    I hope the groom doesn’t read this….I expected photos of his wedding when I started to read…grin.

    Excuse my ignorance. What do you mean with ‘bills’? What ever they are, they truly look like prayer flags. So appropriate for a moody sunset like that.

  2. political party buddhist flags…contradiction of sorts..nice images..even cities have their beauties…

    hopefuly sun sets on all political parties..

  3. to be honest the last pic look’s scary to me ..woosh
    i can feel looking into it that thrs transmission wires , a crane there digging.
    This looks like the crane is digging a grave for the sun, also the effects on the sun looks as if the sun also scared. Brilliant, even the sun is afraid of death.
    :D:D crazy thghts:P
    and mridula m nt on twitter:(
    and u knw tdy i made up a mind i will go to this place whose link i will be giving below. it will take hell lots of practise and may be next year i will be able to go there . u are an avid trekker u must have heard about chadar trek the link below shows u some beautiful photographs clicked by some of the trekker.
    do check

  4. i forgot to add one comment about forst photo so beautiful and awesom i guess the oppostiton can use this phograph in general election next time showing the sunset fir the present government:D:D:P
    the dusk is nearby present govnment:P
    and dawn for a new government:D
    P.S.:- sorry for using slangs and shortcut i knw bloggers hate it (writing again and again this thing:D to be on a safer side):P

  5. a comment like that is always nice to hear isnt it ๐Ÿ™‚ good photos – though not as striking as the one in the previous posts

  6. Fida bills are small piece of paper usually carrying an ad, the ones in the picture are for a political party. Did you get to see the wedding picture that I shared on Facebook?

    Tarun ๐Ÿ˜€ Let us see.

    Anshul those were scary thoughts. I would love to go on trekking in Ladakh in winter but my teaching semester will *never* permit that! ๐Ÿ™

    Thanks Anu.

    Anshul but all bloggers love comments, SMS language or not ๐Ÿ˜€

    I agree Sandeep the Metro sunset was quite smashing.


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