The Shops at Rishikesh

Shops at Rishikesh

Shops at Rishikesh

The shops at Rishikesh were colorful and attractively decorated. I am very fond of stones found on the riverside so I had to click these stones (I think they are sold as a religious object?) I don’t know how they make them this ultra smooth?

Another Shop at Rishikesh

Another Shop at Rishikesh

I actually clicked this shop because the evening light was falling on it and I knew it would look good. It was only later I saw at the messages written on the various boards on display. The English one says (second from the bottom on the left hand side) Magic Power Ring for Blood Pressure. The Hindi notices are similar one saying ‘lucky ring’ and such. The good part on this trip was that we did not meet even a single holy person who pestered us for anything.

8 thoughts on “The Shops at Rishikesh

  1. Tarun

    Lucky u :)

    Now my list is getting bigger and bigger…and my wallpaper older and older…
    please add..the first pic of stones to my endless list :)
    I know I am pestering you with this but am no godman 😛

  2. Anu Shankar

    I love these stones too….. and have heard that there are factories which polish these riverside stones to make them so smooth….. have been looking around for one to see if they will polish some of the stones I have collected… would love to see how it is done, and what the result looks like!

  3. Debarpita Mohapatra

    Yes those stone are believed to be sacred, and are called ‘Salagrama’ in my state (Orissa). And that shine is purely natural if ‘m not wrong.

  4. anshul

    the picture looks so colorful n lively as if we are wandering in paradise, and yes the market there , u just cant stop looking at so many colorful things and with tht certain smell in the air,u can say dude this place is holy!!!
    we could make out tht this place has religion in the blood of people there , would make u feel where am i,any where u look u will relate it to the divintiy of this place!!!


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