When did You Fly for the First Time?

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Ariel View of Descent Near Mumbai

The Descent at the Mumbai Airport

I was thinking today how much I have started taking air travel for granted thanks to the low cost airlines. But when I was growing up, the only domestic airline was Indian Airlines and air travel much beyond our reach. The first time I got inside a plane was when I was already doing my Ph.D. If someone asked my daughter when did she fly for the first time in her life, her answer would be she can’t remember! She has not even been 3 (she is now a little over 3) when she first boarded a plane. I also remember that when I was very young and my father went to a few countries as part of his job. At that point of time there were even fewer options I guess for a government employee for taking flights out of and flights to India!

I still remember my first flight so clearly. It was from Delhi to Colombo en route to Singapore by SriLankan Airline. I vividly remember that wild run of the plane before the take off and the rush I felt when the plane actually lifted in the air. Sadly I have got used to the pre take-off run now and it does not feel that fast any more. I only hope I never get so used to flying that the window seat and the sunsets and the sunrises from the air also becomes a routine.

When did you take a flight for the first time in your life and where did you go?

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12 thoughts on “When did You Fly for the First Time?

  1. Atul

    In late 80s, I used to work close to Palam airport. Every time I saw a plane landing or taking-off, I used to think if I would ever fly… My first flight was Delhi – Singapore – Sydney – Auckland – Wellington. Words cannot describe how excited I was. I loved flying then – I HATE it now. I fly twice a week and hate going through security and painful boarding process. This reminds me that I have to check-in for my tomorrow’s flight :(

  2. Mridula Post author

    Shrinidhi, that must have been a good flight 😀

    Akhila that must have been special!

    Tarun 😀 I am sure it will happen soon.

    Anu many thanks for your kind words and welcome to my blog.

    Abhilash, thanks for sharing.

    Siddhartha hope it never happens with me, giving up the window seat!

    Celine I know first flights are special. 😀

  3. Celine

    My first 2 flights were from Mangalore to Bangalore and return, when I was in primary school….I think it was on Indian Airlines. I was excited then, not just about the flight but also about seeing the big city in the days that followed….oh, good memories!

  4. Siddhartha Joshi

    My first flight was an Indian Airlines flight from Lucknow to Mumbai back in in 1987, at that time it was the most exciting thing for me, especially because most of my friends had not been on a flight 😉

    Though a fly very often now, its still a pleasure…have given up my fascination for window seat, and prefer a aisle seat now!

  5. Anupama Menon

    Dear Mridula,
    Good Morning!
    My cousin’s name is Mridula.
    Thanks for reminding..My first flight was from Blore to Goa with my brother.So excited I was…
    Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,

  6. Akhila S

    Yeah true…. The first flight is always an experience to remember. And even to this day when ever my flight takes-off, the first flight comes into mind.
    Mine was Emirates to London @ first job.


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