Skywatch Friday- A Construction Filled Sky

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Construction Filled Sky

Construction Filled Sky

Each day while going back from work I would see this skeleton of a building and the sun playing hide and seek around it. So one day, or rather on two separate days I stopped my car and tried to take a picture. I actually need to use a tripod to get a good picture. But then it is very difficult to do so while returning from work. So here are two images that are relatively in focus. However, once the buildings are complete the view for sure is gone!

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Gurgaon Sky

Gurgaon Sky

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9 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday- A Construction Filled Sky

  1. Mridula Post author

    Thanks Sylvia, hope you too had a fabulous weekend.

    Thanks Lady Fi.

    Anu just mark them as read, I know how many accumulate even if you are out for a few days 😀

    Tarun what to do :(

    Thanks Regina, happy weekend.

    Thanks for the thumbs up Abhilash.

    Kim thank you and I enjoyed your post.

    Fida thank you and I got another one today, a different construction setting for the next Skywatch!


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